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Speech and Language Therapist

Speech and Language Therapist

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  • Bromley, UK
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Take a Seat People

About the company:

This company is dedicated to supporting autistic people. Committed to transforming lives, changing attitudes, and fostering a society that caters to the needs of autistic adults and children.

They transform lives by offering support, guidance, and practical advice to the 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, along with their three million family members and carers. Autistic individuals turn to us during pivotal moments or challenging periods in their lives, such as seeking a diagnosis, navigating school, or finding employment.

They change attitudes by enhancing public understanding of autism and the challenges many autistic people encounter. Additionally, they collaborate closely with businesses, local authorities, and government entities to encourage the creation of more autism-friendly spaces, the delivery of improved services, and the advancement of laws.

They’ve made significant progress, but there’s still much to achieve. There’s an ongoing need to expand opportunities, diminish social isolation, and cultivate a brighter future for people on the spectrum. With your support, they can make this vision a reality.


– Pension scheme
– Comprehensive induction, training, and development program covering autism-related education, along with opportunities to attend our conferences
– Online staff discount scheme encompassing various benefits (e.g., cycle to work scheme, season ticket loan)
– Access to a 24-hour employee assistance program
– Access to the Headspace App

They are passionate about assisting autistic individuals in finding employment and enthusiastically welcome applications from them. They provide support to autistic individuals from all backgrounds and strive to reflect the same diversity in our staff and volunteers. They especially encourage applications from individuals from minority groups who are currently underrepresented in our workforce. Together, we can create a society that truly supports autistic individuals.

How to apply:

  • Apply, send me an email, message me on LinkedIn or even just pick up the phone. If you don’t have an up-to-date CV, don’t worry that’s my job to help you with that. Just get in touch.


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Take A Seat People

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